140 Packaging


Machine Dimensions
45”x 45”x 71”

Max Size Tray Dimensions
3.74”x 6.7”

Max Width of Film

Max Diameter of Film Roll

Max Packaging Speed
2 up on 4 stations: 1400/hour
2 up on 8 stations: 1800/hour

Electrical Requirements
220V, 60hz, 1 Phase

Power Consumption
8 amps

Net Weight

Compressed Air Requirements
5.6CFM @ 125psi

140 Packaging Rotary Sealing Machine RMT-8204 is a multifunction, sealing machine designed for full production capacity in a compact space. Built for years of trouble-free service, the 8204 Rotary Sealing Machine will seal and die cut up to 1,440 units per hour output in a small 5′ x 4′ footprint. Capable of synchronization with other machines such as depositors and conveyors for a truly hands-free operation. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our machines we offer lifetime access to our technical support line and a full 1-year warranty on all parts. Our engineers will custom design and build tooling to fit your unique criteria.

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