140 Packaging


Machine Dimensions
40.00″ x 99.00″ x 57.00″

4-Up Max Output Capability
1-Vac & Gas Flush 1,200 pcs/hour
2-Gas Flush Only 2,400 pcs/hour
3-Seal Only 2,880 pcs/hour

Electrical Requirements
220-240 Volt: 3 Phase

Net Weight

Compressed air requirements
5HP Compressor
600KPa, 400-600L/Min, 80 psig

Inert Gas Requirement
80 psig and 5 scfm

Oxygen Residual Capability
0.5%-2% on solid product

Inert Gases
Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Noble Gases

Our versatile, in-line gas flush, heat seal machine with vacuum system provides high-speed MAP capabilities. It comes with interchangeable tooling and a built-in die cutter that automatically trims film to fit. Includes programmable features and technology to substantially increase the shelf life of your product.

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