140 Packaging


Machine Dimensions
18.90” x 27.75” x 32.30”

Max Size Tray Dimensions
12.60” x 9.84”

Max Width of Film

Max Diameter of Film Roll

Max Packaging Speed
1-up: 500 trays per hour
2-up: 1000 trays per hour
4-up: 1,500 trays per hour

Electrical Requirements
220 Volt, 1 Phase

Power Consumption

Net Weight

The XST-2000 is our workhorse shuttle machine. It is large enough to handle considerable production volume in an industrial setting but is small enough to use in a stand alone application. Having a larger frame than the XST-1000, the XST-2000 can support larger tooling allowing for increased capacity. The heavy duty stainless steel construction keeps our machines running year after year. If you are looking for high capacity, extreme durability and reliability, this is the machine for you. Our engineers will custom design and build tooling to fit your unique criteria, or we stock tooling for many common cups and trays used in today’s rapidly evolving market.

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