140 Packaging

bringing speed, efficiency, and reliability to your
packaging lines at a very affordable price point

The XST line is the perfect solution for sealing film to containers for a tamper evident, stay-fresh seal. We stock equipment for common containers, trays, and cups. We can also engineer custom tooling for your unique application. We offer a variety of machine sizes and configurations to meet your individual needs.

FIlm Sealing machines


  • Interchangeable pockets and dies
  • Custom pockets and dies available
  • Choice of automatic or manual seal
  • Optional date printer
  • Adjustable heat settings & dwell time
  • Registered print capability
  • Fast

  • Automatic feed and seal feature
  • Display shows number of cycles sealed in shift
  • 5 minute warm up time
  • Simple pocket and die change over
  • Seals 10 cycles per minute, depending on tray size and material
  • Safe

  • Automatic Shut Off to Prevent Injury
  • All moving mechanisms are guarded, closing off potential pinch points
  • Quality

  • Die cuts around container for an attractive look
  • Consistent, Leak-Proof Seals
  • Film tensioner provides a wrinkle-free seal
  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction
  • 12 month warranty on parts
  • Digital controls with microcomputer program
  • Providing Food Packaging Systems
    For Businesses Of All Sizes.