140 Packaging


Machine Dimensions
22.80” x 34.00” x 32.30”

Max Size Tray Dimensions
16.50” x 11.50”

Max Width of Film

Max Diameter of Film Roll

Max Packaging Speed
1-up: 500 trays per hour
2-up: 1000 trays per hour
4-up: 1,500 trays per hour

Electrical Requirements
220 Volt, 1 Phase

Power Consumption

Net Weight

The XST-3000 series is our largest table top sealing machine. From our years of experience, the XTS-3000 series machines have become an industry “Go To” choice for stand alone sealing applications. This heavy weight champion of shuttle sealing technology is known for its ease of operation and flexibility in design. Strength, durability and simplicity are the primary characteristics of the 3000 series. These traits have earned this machine a loyal following of customers over the many years it has been in production. Capable of running in high output settings 24/7 with minimal down time for tooling changes or cleaning. This machine will provide years of uninterrupted hard usage day in and day out.

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