140 Packaging


Machine Dimensions
14.00” x 22.00” x 32.00”

Max Size Tray Dimensions
8.65” x 6.70”

Max Width of Film

Max Diameter of Film Roll

Max Packaging Speed
1-up: 400 trays per hour
2-up: 800 trays per hour

Electrical Requirements
110 Volt, 1 Phase

Power Consumption

Net Weight

The 1500 series Gas Flush Heat Seal Machine is one of the most economical MAP/Gas Flush machines ever produced. This machine runs totally off of 110 volt household current thereby eliminating the need for compressed air.  This creates substantial cost and space savings for our smaller customers by eliminating the need to buy and store air compressor and regulator equipment. This machine is the most affordable solution available today for you to enter into the MAP/Gas Flush market. Save both money and space while extending shelf life and freshness!

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