140 Packaging

Saving you money by extending shelf life, reducing
buy backs/spoilage, and providing you with the
ability to increase your distribution range

140 Packaging sealing machines bring speed, efficiency, and reliability to your food, pharmaceutical, and specialty packaging operations. All of our machines are CE certified and have been produced by our same manufacturing team for over a decade

IN-Line Gas Flush Vacuum Heat Seal machine

Machine Dimensions
22.80” x 34.00” x 32.30”

Max Size Tray Dimensions
16.50” x 11.50”

Max Packaging Speed
1-up: 400 trays per hour
2-up: 800 trays per hour
4-up: 1,200 trays per hour



  • Interchangeable pockets and dies
  • Custom pockets and dies available
  • Choice of automatic or manual seal
  • Optional date printer
  • Adjustable heat settings & dwell time
  • Registered print capability
  • Fast

  • Automatic feed and seal feature
  • Display shows number of cycles sealed in shift
  • 5 minute warm up time
  • Simple pocket and die change over
  • Seals 10 cycles per minute, depending on tray size and material
  • Safe

  • Automatic Shut Off to Prevent Injury
  • All moving mechanisms are guarded, closing off potential pinch points
  • Quality

  • Die cuts around container for an attractive look
  • Consistent, Leak-Proof Seals
  • Film tensioner provides a wrinkle-free seal
  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction
  • 12 month warranty on parts
  • Digital controls with microcomputer program
  • Providing Food Packaging Systems
    For Businesses Of All Sizes.